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Youth Employment and Skills Program

The Youth Employment and Skills Program provides a wage subsidy to employers who hire youth for agricultural jobs. The program offers support for 50% of wages to a maximum of $14,000.

Please click more information to check your eligibility. 

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2021 Class 3A, Forklift, and Ag Train the Trainer!!
Are you interested in Class 3A, Forklift Training or Ag Train the Trainer programs?  

We are now taking names for 2021 training sessions!!

Please send us your name, farm name, phone number, email and prefer date and we will contact you as soon as we have Training dates confirmed. 

PEI Agriculture Sector Council:  902-892-1091

Email:  jobseast@peiagsc.ca
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2021 Award Winner

Congraulations to all award winners!!! 

The 2020 PEI Agriculture Sector Employee of the year was awarded to Eugene McInnis of Anglo, P.E.I.  
Eugene was nominated by his current employer; Peter Handrahan, West Prince Berry Co-op. Award is sponsored by Kool Breeze Farms.

 The 2020 PEI Agriculture Sector Employer of the year was awarded to G. W Vissers and Sons of Orwell. 
G.W Visser was nominated by Allan Glover. Award is sponsored by T&K Fire and Safety.

 The 2020 PEI Department of Agriculture and Land Minister’s Dedication to Agriculture Award was presented to Erland Millar.
Erlanhas been nominated by his employer Josh Dillman, Port Hill Milking Company of Tyne Valley.  Award is sponsored by P.E.I Dept. of Agriculture and Land

2020 PEI Agriculture Sector Employee of the year

Christmas Tree Color Page
 Feel Free to download the Christmas Tree color page for fun!!
From PEI Farm Explore Color book. Will release soon.....!

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The ideal candidate for the 2020 Minister's Dedication To Agriculture Award is an agricultural employee that through long serving, dedication, devotion, involvement, and thoughtfulness has contributed to the success and long-term profitability of the agriculture enterprise. The candidate will have long-term service in the agricultural industry. Deadline December 18, 2020.

For the Nomination form please click on "More Information" below:

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Agricultural employers are encouraged to nominate employees for the 2020 PEI Agriculture Employee of the Year Award. The ideal candidate for this award makes an invaluable contribution to any farm operation. The candidate will have demonstrated a strong work ethic and shown dedication and commitment to the agricultural industry. 

The award is sponsored by Kool Breeze Farms. Deadline for Nominations is December 18, 2020. 

For the Nomination form please click on "More Information" below:

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Do you have an agricultural employer who demonstrates a tremendous level of dedication and support to their employees? Why not nominate your employer for the 2020 PEI Agriculture Employer of the Year Award. The ideal candidate for this award is an agricultural employer that goes above and beyond to ensure that their employees have a positive work experience. 

The award is sponsored by T&K Fire & Safety Ltd. The deadline for nominations is December 18, 2020.

For the Nomination form please click on "More Information" below:

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Click more information to download Registration Form. 
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 The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recommends everyday preventative action to help to reduce the transmission and infection of the virus. For further information and updates on COVID-19, please refer to the following:   


Public Health Agency of Canada website

For answers to general questions about COVID-19 on PEI, visit the Provinces webpage at https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/covid-19


As response to COVID-19 is a fluid, rapidly unfolding situation, PEI Agriculture Sector Council will continue to monitor the recommendations of the above agencies


We will continue to operate, however staff will work remotely from home during this time.  The health and safety everyone is our number one priority. Thank you for your support and understanding. 




Laurie Loane 

Executive Director, PEIAGSC

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Blue Seal Exam Writing
** Blue Seal Exam writing scheduled for Montday , February 24, 2020 ** contact us if you are interested in  writing!!

For all you Farm Technician Apprentices out there, please check your log books and hours to see if you are eligible to write!!

The Exam writing will take place at the Farm Centre in Charlottetown, time to be announced.

If you have any questions, please call us at 902-892-1091 or email at info@peiagac.ca

Teacher Resource Fund
UPDATED Teacher Resource Fund: A resource for teachers whom wish to purchase supplies that have a direct emphasis on agriculture education is now open for the 2019-20 school year courtesy of the Agriculture Awareness Committee!!

Please see the attached form if you are interested!!

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Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program.

Are you a farm employee looking to learn new skills and receive recognition for existing skills?
Are you a Farm Producer looking to help improve your work force?
There is a new and revised PEI Blue Seal program just for you!

Training Includes:

• Farm Health & Safety
• Tractor Safety
• Shop Skills
• Farm Equipment Use
• Equipment Maintenance
• Pesticide Use
• Soil and Nutrient Management
• Computer Software

If interested please contact the PEI AGSC at 892-1091 or email laurie@peiagsc.ca 

3A Airbrakes Test Facilitation
We are now taking names for a possible Class 3A class the week of September 9th. Please contact Natalie at 902-892-1091 to secure your spot ASAP!

From field to road…do you have employees that drive your trucks, but don’t have their licenses? We are looking for experienced drivers that would like to obtain their Airbrakes and Class 3A license. The PEI Agriculture Sector Council will be facilitating these two courses through JVI and Access. This project will be processed through the Canada Job Grant and Skills PEI. Through the Canada Job Grant the Employer will be responsible for 50% of the cost of training.

Draft Schedule:

Day 1- Airbrake theory

Day 2- Review of Airbrakes and Airbrake test (written on site), Preform a pre-use inspection

Day 3- Driving and Testing for Class 3A (time scheduled test on site)

Day 4- Driving and Testing for Class 3A (time scheduled test on site)

Requirements- must have valid truck driving experience, but not licensed & Medical completed and returned

Lunch will be provided

For more details on registration requirements, contact Robin or Natalie 902-892-1091

Registration is now open, limited seating available. To sign up, contact the PEI Agriculture Sector Council at 892-1091 or e-mail info@peiagsc.ca

pplication attached under "More Information" 

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10 Years
 The PEIAGSC is proud to announce the PEI Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program is turning 10! If you are someone that has graduated or participated in the program there maybe a prize in your future. All you need to do is recruit students for the program. If they complete the five-week block release, you will receive a $50-dollar gas card for each student you recruited!


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PEI Farm Team Bursary
PEI Farm Team Student Bursary 
PEI Farm Team is an initiative aimed at helping farms find student to work during the Summer months of 2019. The program consists of a bursary of either $500 or $1000. The program has been amended to allow for immediate family members to qualify for the bursary.
PEI Farm Team is a joint project involving the PEI Federation of Agriculture, the PEI Agriculture Sector Council and Skills PEI.

Funding for the Initiative is being provided by the PEI Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning in partnership of the PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and participating employers. 
PEI Farm Team Initiative will provide assistance in the form of a bursary or bonus that will be paid by the producer upon completion of the student work term. The assistance will be based upon a work term of approximately 250 hours for Grade 10 and 11 students and 500 hours for university or college students. Grade 12 students entering university or college must work between 250 and 500 hours over the summer period to be eligible for a bursary. 
Participating farms are responsible for finding, interviewing, and employing the participating students.
If you are interested in accessing the PEI Farm Team Student Bursary(s) for students working on your farm this summer, please see the attached PEI Farm Team Bursary application information sheet for more details, or contact one of the following:
Skills PEI
Tricia Martell
Tel: (902) 838-0675
PEI Farm Team
Chris LeClair
Tel: (902) 314-0623
PEI Agriculture Sector Council
Laurie Loane
Tel: (902) 892-1091

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2019 Blue Seals

WILL MACLEAN, Marchbank Farm
KENNETH BLAKENEY, Lorne Valley Ranch
CODY DUNN, W. P. Griffin
DARCY GALLANT, Urbainville Farms

This brings the total number of Blue Seals achieved on PEI to 30!!!

Canadian Ag HR Council to Lead New AgriWorkforce Program
 January 24, 2019

 Canadian Ag HR Council to Lead New AgriWorkforce Program
Abbotsford, BC – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has chosen the Canadian Agricultural HR Council (CAHRC) to lead a new Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program: International Phase (QAMP) with a $279,239 investment in the nine-month project.  The QAMP will support employers who hire international workers to supplement their Canadian workforce. The intent of the program will be to provide employers with the information, training and tools needed to efficiently and successfully hire and manage international workers. Research has shown that each international worker that is hired, following a stringent process to ensure qualified Canadian workers do not wish to apply, results in 2-4 full-time Canadian agriculture related jobs up and down the Agri-Food supply chain.
Contributing $304 million per day to Canada’s economy ($111 billion annually) and employing approximately 2.3 million Canadians the Agri-Food sector accounts for close to 7% of Canada’s GDP.  With Canadian Agri-Food enjoying global recognition and unprecedented demand due to the high quality of the products coupled with equally high safety standards this critical business sector is poised to increase significantly its economic contribution to Canada by almost double by 2025.
Canada’s Economic Strategy Table: Agri-Food report released fall 2018, highlighted several areas that will require action for Canada’s Agri-Food sector to realize increased economic opportunity. For example, a regulatory system that supports innovation, a smart interconnected transportation system as well as broadband and IT improvements in rural communities. However, the most widely discussed and compelling area of focus continues to be increasing the labour force that will be needed in all skill levels and experience necessary for the Canadian Agri-Food sector to take full advantage of the domestic and global market that eagerly awaits “more” of Canada’s highly valued Agri-Food products.
CAHRC will implement the project through a variety of workshops and webinars across Canada while developing employer guides and handbooks. Looking ahead, CAHRC envisions a skills hub that would house a variety of HR management focused best practices that would be available to employers across the Agri-Food spectrum.  Agri-Food businesses with a view to growing the AgriWorkforce require workers from all skill levels to meet the range of skills and experience necessary to capitalize on the growing demand for Canada’s highly sought after Agri-Food products.
“Our Government has identified the agriculture sector as a primary driver for the Canadian economy, particularly in our rural communities.  Increasing the labour workforce on Canadian farms and primary processing is critical to the success of our agri-food businesses and will help meet our Government's ambitious target of growing our food exports to $75 billion by 2025."
-Hon. Lawrence MacAulay, Minister Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
“Canada’s agricultural sector faces significant labour shortages, with over half of the work being seasonal and in rural areas with lower populations.  Reliable access to labour is critical for this sector to ensure both continued food production and job creation across British Columbia and all of Canada.”
-Jati Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Mission – Matsqui – Fraser Canyon
“Farm employers participating in the International Phase of the Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program are putting time and effort into learning the evolving process, the rules, and best practices to support their farm workers.  International workers are an important part of the diverse Canadian AgriWorkforce team.  CAHRC is proud to provide this new program supporting the hiring and management of international workers, improving the understanding that agriculture is a trustworthy industry that safeguards its workers.”
- Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst, Executive Director Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Funded in part by AAFC’s Canadian Agriculture Adaptation Program (CAAP), the Council is collaborating with producers, farm workers, federal and provincial government departments, leading agriculture organizations and agricultural colleges and training providers to deliver the International Phase of the Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program.

For more information contact:
Janet Krayden, Manager, Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program: International Phase, CAHRC
C : 613-784-9426   T: 613-745-7457 ext. 226 jkrayden@cahrc-ccrha.ca 

Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst, Executive Director, CAHRC
T: 613-745-7457 ext. 222 macdonald-dewhirst@cahrc-ccrha.ca

PEI Seasonal Worker Skills Initiative Program


PEI Seasonal Worker Skills Initiative Program


Target Clients:

Seasonal workers who have exhausted or about to exhaust EI benefits prior to their scheduled return to work date.

Objective :

To offer a work experience with Essential Skills training to seasonal workers who have exhausted their EI benefits prior to their scheduled return to work date. Hours worked while on the work experience under the PEI Seasonal Worker Skills Initiative program will be insurable hours.


Note: Employment Insurance benefits are the responsibility of the Government of Canada

Participant Criteria:

Ø  PEI Seasonal worker whose EI has exhausted or is about to exhaust prior to their scheduled return to work date.

Ø  Be ready, available and able to participate in training and/or a work experience.

Ø  Be ready to return to their job at the start of the work season.

Ø  Must meet with Workplace Learning PEI Inc. to be accepted into the program.

Essential Skills Training:

Workplace Learning PEI Inc. will be facilitating essentials skills training at various locations. Learning will occur in a workshop environment.  Training will be client driven and will consider the specific needs and workplace duties of the participants.


 Activities will focus on skills that are transferrable to the workplace such as;

Ø  effective communication

Ø  understanding workplace information and forms

Ø  working as a member of a team

Ø  responding to change in the workplace


The training is considered professional development. Participants will be greeted each morning to a welcoming room with hot coffee and refreshments.

Work Experience (Wage Subsidy):

Skills PEI will work with employers in an effort to arrange an early return date that will extend the seasonal workers employment period. Employers will be offered a wage subsidy for the extended weeks of employment.

Work Experience combined with Essential Skills Training

Ø  Participants return to insurable employment and must participate in essential skills training during the Work Experience.

Ø  Participants may receive 6 to 8 weeks of insurable employment prior to their scheduled return to work date.

Interested Clients call Workplace Learning PEI at 902-368-6280

 Employer Enquiries can be referred to Skills PEI at 902-438-4114

Poverty Reduction Council
 Islanders invited to serve on the poverty-reduction council

Supporting Island families

Islanders are invited to help implement the Poverty Reduction Action Plan by providing advice to government and support to community networks on initiatives that will help those who need it most. 

The Poverty Reduction Council will monitor the delivery of 67 concrete action items over five years and a $68 million investment focused on improving housing, food, employment and well-being.  Islanders can apply to join the council through Engage PEI until December 6.

“We need the voices and efforts of people from all walks of life coming together - community partners and other levels of governments to help empower all Islanders to be healthy and self-sufficient,” said Family and Human Services Minister Tina Mundy. “I look forward to the council’s advice to government and to the engagement of communities across the province.”     

The action plan, Belonging and Thriving, has four main goals: to help Islanders in need; to support the most vulnerable; to build on our supportive communities and partners; and, improving the well-being of children and youth.  

The Poverty Reduction Action Plan builds on recent government initiatives to reduce poverty such as the Housing Action Plan, AccessAbility Supports, Social Assistance Renewal, Seniors Health and Wellness Action Plan and Early Learning and Child Care Investments.

To learn more visit, Poverty Reduction Action Plan.

People have until Thursday, December 6 to apply for the Council through Engage PEI and we're looking for help in getting the word out.  You can find out more about the Council at


Media contact:
Bobbi Jo Walker
Department of Family and Human Services




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PEI Childcare information
The Early Childhood Development Association's page for parents provides a lot of great information, including a "choosing child care" link that will provide a checklist of what to look for when choosing child care. 

There is also a link to the Early Learning and Child Care Registry.  This is a central registry where parents can put their name on one or multiple wait lists for child care.  It is important to note that this Registry is in the process of a rebuild and will be updated in the near future.  Parents who sign up now, however, will transfer over to the new wait list.


I am including a link to the Directory of Licensed Early Learning and Child Care Centres.  This resource is updated annually and the current link has licensed programs up to March 2018.  There will be a new Directory coming out in the spring.  However, since the release of the Directory, a number of early learning and child care centres have been licenced.  They are:

Rainbow Beginnings:  2972 Mt. Stewart Road, St. Teresa  902-583-2200
Chances Pre-Kindergarten:  65 Kirkwood Drive, Charlottetown  902-892-8744
Chances Smart Start O'Leary 2:  18 Community Street, O'Leary  902-892-8744
Wee the West Childcare:  44 Gard Road, Bloomfield  902-726-2126

Link to Directory:   https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/sites/default/files/publications/eelc_directory_ecd_programs.pdf

Link to the Child Care Subsidy programhttps://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/family-and-human-services/help-for-child-care-expenses


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2018 Open Farm Day
The PEI Agriculture Awareness Committee invites you to become a PEI Agricultural Ambassador and participate in this year’s Open Farm Day taking place on Sunday, September 16th.

This is the farming community's opportunity to ensure that factual information about the agriculture industry is being communicated to the general public so that they too can embrace our agricultural heritage.

It is your opportunity to take pride in your farm, your products, your contribution to a vibrant culture and economy, and most importantly to take pride in your profession. This year let's make it our responsibility as agriculture producers to make sure that every Islander understands the work, knowledge, skills, investment (both personal and financial) and real time invested in building a strong farming business that provides consumers with the highest quality PEI grown agricultural products. You can also help to educate consumers on the importance of buying local products to support our local economy.

It is important for the Agriculture industry for all producers to consider this opportunity and step up to be active participants.

Please find the 2018 Open Farm Day Application link below:

More Information
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Forklift Training
Are you interested in Forklift Training for your workers?

If so, please contact us and put your name on our list. There is a minimum of 10 people required for a course to proceed, so as soon as we have that number of people signed up we will book a date and location for the Forklift Training. 

50% of the cost of the training is covered through Canada Job Grants, and the remaining 50% would be covered by you, the employer.

The theory portion is approx 3 hours and the practical portion is approximately 3 hours. All participants will receive a wallet card upon successfully completing the course and employers will receive a record of training for their records. Those who are between the ages of 14-16 will require written parental/guardian approval. 

If you are interested, please call Bryan at 902-892-1091 or email jobseast@peiagsc.ca

Skid Steer Training
 The PEIAGSC is attempting to create a skid steer training and safety class. If you are interested please contact our Employment Officer at 902-892-2591 or at jobseast@peiagsc.ca. 

  • TREVOR BRANDER, Indian River Farms
  • DESIREE CABLE, Rollobay Holdings 

    We now have 25 Apprentices that have received their Blue Seals from the province of PEI !! Amazing job!

Dairy Relief Worker Training
 Within the agriculture sector on PEI there is always a need for skilled and semi-skilled workers on a seasonal and year round basis. The idea and function of this project is to provide training to anyone interested in a fulfilling part time job in Agriculture.In an attempt to fill this need, the PEIASC is attempting to create another training course on how to become a Relief Dairy Milker. The course will provide you with skills and training to help provide you with employment and will help meet the growing needs of our farms. To register, please contact Bryan at PEIAGSC at 902-892-1091/toll free 866-892-1091 or info@peiagsc.ca

Prosper Project
Last fall, the Harvest and Prosper pilot program provided farmers and agriculture companies with some much needed staff. The project provided participants with temporary jobs, and some workers gained full-time year-round work.
We are very excited that this project will go ahead again this year.
Please contact; Katharina Mueller our Program Officer. She will be happy to help.
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Color contest for Gr.4-6
 Attention 4-6 students, we are so excited to share our new contest with you!!
Download and print off the sheet below and draw us shouting grown on PEI for a chance to win some awesome prizes!
We will be accepting submissions at aitcpei@gmail.com and Facebook messenger until August 4th, 2020 at 10 am!

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Color Contest
 Attention K-3 students, we are so excited to share our new contest with you!! Download and print off the sheet below and draw us your favorite farm animal for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

We will be accepting submissions at aitcpei@gmail.com and Facebook messenger until July 17th, 2020 at 10 am!

We cannot wait to see your artwork!!! 

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